MarCom Collaboration: A Recap of Our September MarCom Roundtable
A Recap of Our September MarCom Roundtable
By Karen Mauk & Nicole McCaffrey | 09 · 20 · 22
At this month's OhioX MarCom Roundtable, we shared collaboration challenges, strategies, and tools that define our experience working with stakeholders across our organizations. In addition to walking through a couple of key tools we've used in our collaborative process, we put our heads together and came up with a handy checklist of collaboration best practices.
MarCom Collaboration Best Practices
MarCom Collaboration Best Practices
• Talk with your customers and get deeply familiar with their wants, needs, and struggles. Develop high-fidelity personas based on this in-depth customer research.
• Talk with fellow marketers to learn about strategies and tools you weren't aware of—or to lend a sympathetic ear to your colleagues. We're in this together.
• Interact with sales frequently to align cross-functional teams and meet business goals together.
• Find allies and build partnerships to amplify your marcom initiatives and bolster your campaigns. Plus, it's fun making friends.
• Leverage data to chart a clear path forward—and to support your decisions along the way. Encourage your team to share data-driven insights regularly as part of the collaborative process.
• Be proactive and own your marcom agenda. Don't shut anyone out of the process but don't back down from your vision if you have the data to back it up.
We'd love to hear from you about strategies and tools you've found useful in your collaborative process. Get in touch and add to this list!
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